Small Area Plan

What would be your wish for the redevelopment of Downtown Longview and the Interstate 20 area? Longview is looking to breathe new life into those very important parts of the city. The City of Longview recently adopted the Longview Comprehensive Plan, which identified these two areas as needing a more detailed planning study based on physical and market assessments. In 2016, the City of Longview partnered with the Longview Economic Development Corporation to conduct “Small Area Plan” studies to further identify Longview’s development opportunities.

Using market data, a preliminary plan is coming together that would forge a path for the redevelopment and revitalization of these two very important areas. Now, you can give your feedback on the key elements of the draft plan.

See the DRAFT Small Area Plan Here

As the historic heart of Longview, Downtown is envisioned as a walkable, vibrant area featuring more housing options and continued growth as an entertainment and restaurant destination. Historic structures could be repurposed and revitalized. Vacant lots could be filled with mix use buildings for offices, retail, housing, or parking. An urban park could provide recreation opportunity amidst the city center.

At the southern edge of Longview, Interstate 20 is the front door to our community for thousands of travelers. The draft plan suggests neighborhood revitalization through beautification of entryways, removal of blight, retail revitalization, and redevelopment of the area around LeTourneau University.  
The plan suggests that these goals be accomplished through both private and public investment, as well as changes to development policy. It is important to note that the plan is meant to flexible. Several ideas are suggested for specific locations; however, those are just suggestions and not binding to those particular locations.

The plan is just a draft for now, and feedback is encouraged.

Give us your feedback on the plan!