Small Area Plans

The Longview Comprehensive Plan, that was adopted in 2015, showed that Downtown and the Interstate 20 Corridor needed more detailed planning studies based on physical and market assessments. In 2016, the City of Longview partnered with the Longview Economic Development Corporation to conduct two “Small Area Plan” studies to further identify Longview’s development opportunities. 

The two Small Area Plans are long-term planning documents that provide an overall strategy and guidelines for what future development could look like in these areas.  This includes addressing the design of building form, streets, public spaces and branding strategies.  The ultimate goal of these documents is to present an innovative yet realistic vision and strategy for strengthening Downtown and the Interstate 20 Corridor as an economic driver for the community.

The plan suggests that these goals be accomplished through both private and public investment, as well as changes to development policy. It is important to note that the plan is meant to flexible. Several ideas are suggested for specific locations; however, those are just suggestions and not binding to those particular locations.  

Downtown SAP Rendering
As the historic heart of Longview, Downtown is envisioned as a walkable, vibrant area featuring more housing options and continued growth as an entertainment and restaurant destination. Historic structures could be re-purposed and revitalized. Vacant lots could be filled with mix use buildings for offices, retail, housing, and parking. An urban park could provide recreation opportunity amidst the city center. 

Interstate 20 Corridor:
I-20 SAP Rendering
At the southern edge of Longview, Interstate 20 is the front door to our community for thousands of travelers. The draft plan suggests neighborhood revitalization through beautification of entryways, removal of blight, retail revitalization, and redevelopment of the area around LeTourneau University.

How the Small Area Plans were Adopted:
The planning effort for the Small Area Plans began in Fall 2016 with the creation of two ad-hoc committees called the Longview Downtown Small Area Plan Committee and the Longview I-20 Small Area Plan Committee.  The process included a great amount of public input to create the draft over a 9-month period of time including stakeholder interviews, a public meeting and surveys.  Both plans were presented to Planning and Zoning Commission on June, 20, 2017 and City Council on July 13, 2017.

Implementing the Plan:
The Small Area Plans are intended as a planning tool for City Council, boards and commissions, and city staff.  The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee is actively looking at ways to implement goals set forth in the plans.