Homelessness Task Force Members

Mayor Andy Mack formed a Task Force on Homelessness in March 2017. The following individuals represent a wide variety of nonprofits, businesses, and government entities. Please note: there have been some personnel changes at various agencies since the original launch of the task force, so not all members shown below participated in the original task force meetings.

  • Eric Burger, Highway 80 Rescue Mission
  • Helen Johnson, House of Hope
  • Hollie Bruce,  Newgate Mission
  • Captain Mark Jacobs, Salvation Army
  • Alan Johnson, Jesus Burger
  • Janice Bunt, Caring and Sharing
  • Johnnie Johnson, Community Outreach Mission
  • Doris Ramaly, Family Promise of Longview, Inc.
  • Brenda Day-Bevis, D.O.R.S.
  • Shannon Trest, Women's Center of East Texas
  • Robin Fruia, Longview Community Ministries
  • Andrea Dollahite, Made to Love Ministries
  • Jeff Borgwardt, Ministerial Alliance
  • Lewis Thompson, Ministerial Alliance
  • Inman White, Community Healthcore
  • Linda Oyer, East Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Jennifer Wood, Christus Good Shepherd Medical Center
  • Anthony Brooks, Longview Regional Medical Center
  • Jeff Brown, Wellness Pointe
  • Karen Holt, North East Texas Homeless Consortium
  • Tim Wiseman, Wiseman Ministries
  • Scott Lewis,  Longview Transit
  • Holly Fuller, Partners in Prevention
  • Donna Sharp, Greater Longview United Way
  • Sgt. James Bettis, Longview Police Department
  • Josh Tubb, Gregg County Sheriff's Office
  • Michael Black, JBA Financial Services
  • Cary Hilliard, First Baptist Church
  • Murray Moore, CPU 
  • Hank Hester, Longview Fire Department
  • Cheteva Marshall, Longview Housing Authority
  • Kevin Marshall, Gregg County Veterans Services

Share your thoughts and suggestions and get involved:
Residents are encouraged to get involved and help implement the ideas of the task force. If you would like to donate, volunteer, or share your thoughts, please contact us using this form or call the City Manager's Office at 903-237-1021.