Water Service Application

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In an effort to continue improving our services, the City Water department is pleased to offer our Water Utility Service Application online.   For your convenience, both the Residential and Commercial Application is available for your easy completion to initiate water utility service.  You may complete the application and return it electronically.  Or you may simply print out the application form for easy completion and bring it to the Business Office at 300 W. Cotton St.
 To further enhance our concerns for your security, we will not ask you to provide your personal identifying information (driver license, social security or tax ID number) on the application form. During our application screening process, we will contact you by phone to obtain this vital information.  We welcome you as one of our valued water utility customers!
 NOTICE:  Please provide a 48 hour notice (two business days) for opening a new service account, transferring services to another location or closing your utility service account.  Also, please call our office at 903.237.1030 to verify the status of your online “Application for Utility Service” before your requested starting date of service.
 Online Water Service Application - Residential
 Online Water Service Application - Commercial

 Printable Water Service Application
 Please read the Water Service Agreement and Information

Customer Account Protection

  1. The City of Longview Water Utilities Department complies with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Red Flag Rule legislation regarding the security of its water accounts and the protection of its customer’s personal information against potential theft or fraud. A Red Flag refers to a pattern, practice, or specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft.

    For this reason, you may be required to show your personal identifying information or other vital supportive documents, while opening an account, transferring water service, accessing account information via phone or closing your water account.