Adult Summer Reading Club

2020 Adult Summer Reading Club, Imagine Your Story. Thank you for another great year!

What is Adult Summer Reading Club?

Adult Summer Reading Club is a free program we offer through the months of June and July to all adults ages 18+.
Our goal is to get you reading and keep promoting reading/learning to everyone, no matter what age you are.

Often times we see lots of caregivers participate along with their child in the kid's Summer Reading Club!
You are not only enriching your life through this program, but it encourages you to pass on these aspects of learning to future generations as well. 

This year we had over 100 adult signups and participants!
And, the Longview Public Library offered it's first ever, virtual summer reading club for 2020!

When we had to switch things up a bit to move towards virtual/digital, it was a heavy blow to us that we couldn’t have everyone in here for programs and events like we normally do during summer.
But, with some trial and success, we’re happy with the results and hope to incorporate what we’ve learned into future events!

Our patron participation is always a huge part of SRC’s success.
So thank you to everyone who signed up, interacted and participated, left comments/likes, shared pictures, registered daycares, and spread the word.

Thank you to our sponsors: past, present, and future. You are also a huge part of Summer Reading Club’s success.
Special shoutout to Buckner Longview, and Under the Pecan Tree Embroidery & Screen Printing!

Thank you to all our performers and program contributors. We’re happy you took the time to help entertain us, even when it couldn’t be in person!

And lastly, a huge round of applause for our library staff.
Everyone really stepped up their game and took the reins to help pivot us into the virtual world, and keep things running smoothly in house! Great job team.

We can’t wait to see everyone next summer! Please visit this site again around May 2021.