Adult Summer Reading Club

Adult Summer Reading Club - Thank You

Another year complete!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in 2019 Adult Summer Reading Club!
We had:
- 150 adults register
- 1,158 raffle tickets entered for weekly prizes
- 175 people come for our Adult Summer Reading Programming.
Great turn out!

A very big thank you to our gracious sponsors who gave donations and support to this year's program as well. We really appreciate it, and Adult SRC is always a huge success thanks to you.

Next year we want to see lots of familiar and new faces! So please check back.

Until then, keep on reading and visiting your library!

What is Adult Summer Reading Club?

Adult Summer Reading Club is a free program we offer through the months of June and July to all adults ages 18+.

Our goal is to get you reading and keep promoting reading/learning to everyone, no matter what age you are.

By reading or listening to audiobooks, you can log the pages read/time listened to, and enter for a chance to win a weekly raffle prize giveaway!

We also include other raffle opportunities for even bigger prizes. Examples include:

- Attending designated adult programming/events like concerts, crafts, and dance classes here at the library.

- Completing an outlined reading challenge with prompts like: “Read a book published the year you were born.”

We know you love to read and love the library. So you should be rewarded for it!

Not only are you enriching your life through this program, but it also encourages you to pass on those aspects to future generations as well.

Please visit this page again next year (usually around the first week in May) for an updated list of rules, raffles, and how to get registered for Adult Summer Reading Club!

See you then!

Schedule of Events

Check back next year around mid-May for a full listing of our Adult Programs/Events!

Be sure to check out Facebook and Instagram for picture galleries of all the action!

Questions, Comments, Etc.

Please call (903) 237-1350 for more information!