Go-Giver Gala 

Go Giver Gala logo on red rectangle

Go-Giver Gala seeks to "Bring Back Teague"

"During my time as Mayor, people have not stopped asking me how we can improve the aesthetics of Highway 80. I agree with our residents that improving one of our main thoroughfares is worthwhile and beneficial. This year, our funding focus is to "Bring Back Teague." Teague Park is a wonderful but hidden gem for our community with a beautiful pond, green space, and veteran's memorial. Imagine if you were able to drive along Highway 80 and see that beautiful park from the important commercial and historic corridor." - Mayor Andy Mack

Each year, the mayor selects a charitable cause for the Go-Giver Gala to support. This year, those funds will benefit efforts to beautify and stimulate development along Highway 80, specifically Teague Park and the surrounding area. If you would like to make a donation, you can write a check to "City of Longview" with "Go-Giver Fund" in the memo line. Please mail to City of Longview, PO Box 1952, Longview, TX 75606. 

History of Go-Givers in Longview:

Shortly after his election as Mayor, Andy Mack hosted a community-wide “Mayor Mack’s Book Club” focusing on a book called “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The book is a little story about the huge power of giving. During and after that book club, many individuals throughout Longview stepped up to be “Go-Givers” for by donating their time, energy, and money to important needs in our community. This gala is an opportunity to recognize some of those individuals and to encourage others to follow their lead. Funds raised during the event will benefit projects for the betterment of the City of Longview. 

Go-Giver Honorees:

Each year, the mayor selects honorees to be recognized for their excellent legacy of giving to the community.

Compilation of the 2020 Go-Giver Honoree Videos

The 2020 honorees focused on Longview businesses that had a company culture that promoted giving to the community. These honorees included Horaney’s, InfinitiePlus Magazine, Peters Chevrolet, and Texas Bank & Trust.

Compilation of the 2019 Go-Giver Honoree Videos

Janis Canion, Keith Honey, Chuck King, and Joyce Williams were honored for their years of dedicated service and generosity to people of Longview.

Compilation of the 2018 Go-Giver Honoree Videos

Tom and Jill Chinn, Neal McCoy, Natalie Rabicoff, and Tim Wiseman were honored for helping improve the lives of so many throughout Longview including donations for the Longview Police Department, enhancing the lives of terminally ill children, a lifetime of engagement for a better community, changing the lives of men one at a time, and so much more.