RV Hookups

Recreational Vehicle (RV) hookups are available at the Longview Convention Complex and are available to those who are attending an event at our facility. Cost is $25 per night. There are (16) 50-amp full hookup sites, which include water, sewage and electricity. There are (12) 30-amp sites with water and electricity in the grassy area adjacent to the Longview Exhibit Center, as well as additional 30-amp and 50-amp hookup spots located in the Longview Exhibit Center parking lot. Reservations may be made by calling our office at 903-237-1230, during normal office hours, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

Rules and Regulations       

Recreational vehicle spaces are available at the discretion of the Longview Convention Complex Manager. Occupants must adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  1. Unreserved spaces are available at the discretion of the Longview Convention Complex Supervisor.
  2. Overnight parking is limited to four (4) consecutive days, except that a participant in a contracted event may remain the length of the event period if longer than four (4) days.
  3. All RV owners are required to register and pay a permit fee of $20.00 per night in advance. Paid permits or provided RESERVED sign must be clearly visible in the front window of the RV at all times.
  4. Permits expire at 2:00 p.m. the following day of reserved night.
  5. One (1) RV will be allowed connection in each space and to each utility box. Additional spaces cannot be used or held without the purchase of an additional permit.
  6. Water and electricity are provided at each space. Sewer is available at only (16) spaces; however, a dump station is on the premises. Please note that an attendant must turn on the individual outlets for the space, prior to the connection. Tampering with, or damage to utility connections will result in additional charges and loss of privileges.
  7. Tent camping is not permitted anywhere on the Longview Convention Complex grounds.
  8. Unattended vehicles, tow vehicles or other property left outside the RV Park are prohibited. Anything left outside will be considered abandoned and removed immediately.
  9. No open fires are permitted.
  10. No business of any sort may be conducted from any vehicle while parked in the RV spaces.
  11. Trash must be neatly bagged and placed in appropriate trash containers provided by the Longview Convention Complex.
  12. Pets must be kept in cages or on a leash when outside the vehicle. Owners are responsible for removal of animal waste and for any damage caused by pets.
  13. Clothing is not to be hung to dry outside vehicles, nor are clotheslines to be erected.
  14. There is a considerable distance between RV spaces and the Maude Cobb Convention Center and Longview Exhibit Center. Lessees will be responsible for their own transportation between the facilities.

Complex Map

Longview Convention Complex Layout

RV Hookup Diagram

RV Hookup Diagram