Proposition B: Streets / Infrastructure

Current Proposition B Project Status

Mobberly Complete StreetIn Design/Right of Way
Cotton Street StreetscapeIn Design/Right of Way
Fairmont Street ReconstructionComplete
Reel Road WideningIn Design/Right of Way
Mobberly Avenue/High Street Entryway98%
The summary of the proposition is: “The issuance of $27,090,000 tax bonds by the City of Longview, Texas for street and road improvements and other related improvements and levying the tax in payment thereof.” Online map of all 3 bond propositions.

The following are estimated project descriptions, which are subject to change due to a variety of factors such as availability of funding, engineering requirements, and other considerations. 

Mobberly Avenue Complete Street: $5.2 Million

  • Existing 5-lane asphalt street will be reconfigured to include bike lanes and sidewalks separated by a landscape barrier, and receive asphalt overlay on Mobberly Avenue from Cotton Street to Estes Parkway
  • 2040 MTP – 2014 Identified as Complete Street (Bicycle and Pedestrian)
  • Thoroughfare Plan - 2014
  • Transit Access Plan – Key Corridor - 2014
  • Bike / Ped Plan -Tier One Project - 2018
  • Traffic Count - 11,700
  • Comprehensive Plan Priority #14 - 2015

Cotton Street Streetscape: $5.89 Million

  • Existing 5-lane asphalt street will be improved behind the curb to include landscaping, sidewalks, lighting, and street scape to match downtown streets from Green to Grand Blvd
  • Downtown Master Plan – 1970’s
  • Downtown Small Area Plan – 2017
  • Bicycle Plan – 2018 – Corridor between  Green and McCann
  • Additional section between McCann and Grand added by the CPAC Committee to provide connectivity to the Longview Convention Complex and Arboretum
  • Traffic Count – 11,100

Fairmont Street Reconstruction: $5.6 Million

  • Reconstructing existing 3 lane section, utilities, adding drainage, bike lanes, and sidewalks.  New street will be concrete from Avenue B to HG Mosley.
  • 2014 Thoroughfare plan identifies future section of 4 lanes, however right-of-way is inadequate due to minimal setback
  • Bike/Ped Plan - 2018 
  • Traffic Count - 5,700

Reel Road Widening: $7.1 Million

  • Widening existing 2 lane asphalt section to 4 lane concrete, relocating utilities and drainage, adding shared bike lanes and sidewalk on one side from Pine Tree to Knobcrest.
  • 2025 MTP – adopted 1999 from Gilmer to Pine Tree widen to 4 lanes by 2025
  • 2030 MTP - adopted 2004 from Gilmer to Pine Tree widen to 4 lanes by 2014
  • 2035 MTP - adopted 2009 
    • Phase I from Gilmer to Knobcrest widen to 4 lanes by 2019
    • Phase II from Knobcrest to Pine Tree widen to 4 lanes by 2035
  • 2007 Street Bond Election constructed Phase 1 and opened in 2011
  • 2040 MTP - adopted 2014 Phase II from Knobcrest to Pine Tree widen to 4 lanes 
  • Bike/Ped Plan - 2018
  • Traffic Count - 7,981

Mobberly / High and Estes Entryway Reconfiguration: $3.3 Million

  • Reconfiguration of the intersections of Estes Parkway, Mobberly Avenue, High Street, and Edwin Street. Extends Millie Street through to Mobberly Avenue.
  • Adds “Longview” Entryway monumentation and includes landscaping.
  • I-20 Small Area plan identified as Key Entryway and Gateway – 2016
  • Comp Plan Priority #14 identified as Key Entryway