Idylwood Fire Station - 610 Mobberly Ave.

Idylwood Fire Station
In 1935, voters approved issuance of bonds to construct a new City Hall and Fire Station along with two Fire Stations. One of the Fire Stations was located on Mobberly Avenue, south of Young Street in the Idylwood Subdivision.  The contractor was C.S. Lambie & Co. and the architect was N.L. Peters.  C.S. Lambie & Co. was also the contractor for the Gregg County Courthouse and several other courthouses throughout Texas and New Mexico.

The building was constructed in 1936 and is Tudor style.  The building is pier and beam with the engine bay on a slab.  The exterior walls are brick and stucco with wood trim.  The building has a slate roof with copper sections above the windows.  There is a courtyard off of the kitchen to the south side of the building that is surrounded on three sides by the building and has an approximately four foot brick wall on the one side.