Connect Longview

The “Connect Longview” program seeks to improve neighborhoods by matching local volunteers with homeowners who need assistance with property repairs. Through the program organized by the City of Longview Code Compliance division, volunteers help homeowners who have received property code violations but are unable to correct them due to physical or financial hardships. Examples of volunteer assistance include mowing/brush hogging for high grass/weeds, junk and litter removal, damaged fence removal/repair, accessory building removal/repair, minor property maintenance and moving assistance in a displacement event.  
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Each assistance request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by a committee of city employees. Work performed through Connect Longview is 100% volunteer-based. The City of Longview will match and make referrals, establish workdays, then inspect the properties for compliance after the workday is completed. Volunteer groups work on behalf of their sponsoring organization or as “freelance” individual volunteers.  Connect Longview also encourages sustainable solutions to keep properties from recurring violations.

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