Longview 150

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Longview celebrates 150 years in 2020! Longview was formed in 1870 when O.H. Methvin deeded 100 acres of land for the creation of a town along soon-to-be-constructed railroad line. As the story goes, they stood from the top of "Rock Hill" in present-day Downtown Longview and said something along the lines of "Oh my, that's a long view." The rest is 150 years of East Texas history.

Celebrate 150

Is your organization holding a #Longview150 celebration or community event?  Let us know at Longview150@LongviewTexas.gov to have your event included along with these other sesquicentennial celebrations.

My 150

Longview’s sesquicentennial is a great time to invest to Longview to help the city continue to grow and thrive.  What’s your 150? Is it $150 given to an organization or charity you support, 150 hours spent in the city’s parks and trails, or 150 days spent with a social media post about something you love about Longview?  Whatever you choose, we want to hear about it!