Longview 150 Stories

Longview 150 Stories, record your memories of Longview's history at the library.

Document your recollection of Longview History for the Longview 150 Stories Podcast!

As Longview prepares for its 150th celebration, the library staff are interested in hearing from residential patrons on what it was like to grow up in Longview and how Longview has been shaped by certain historical/cultural events.

Where in Longview were you when President Kennedy was shot? What do you remember of the Civil Rights Movement in Longview? Where did you shop in the time before Walmart?

Memories like these will be played on the Library’s Podcast, “Longview 150 Stories” throughout January to May 2020.
Then each audio file will be permanently saved on the Library's Digital Archive for future generations to enjoy and revisit.

We are asking for up to a total of 150 audio files, no longer than 7 minutes each, and no more than 3 entries for each person.
The dates for these memories might vary, but it is highly encouraged to have unique and diverse perspectives. 
Each entry will be reviewed and must be approved by Library Administration before being uploaded to the podcast. Submissions including profanity, explicit content considered unsuitable for children, and anything with divisive remarks will not be accepted.

November 1, 2019, the library will schedule times for patrons without audio equipment to come in and have their story recorded. Library staff will then make sure the files will be added to the podcast and Digital Archive.

Submissions may also be personally recorded, and then emailed to:
In the email, please leave details about the recording, and names of those in the recording.

All entries must be accompanied by a signed interview release.
Signed releases may be included with the audio files in emailed submissions, or participants may print, sign and return releases to the library.
Absolutely no submissions will be included in the Longview 150 Stories Podcast without a signed release on file.


If you have any further inquiries, please call (903) 237-1350 and ask for Cassie Burford. 
Thank you, and we look forward to hearing more about Longview through your memories!