Census 2020 Task Force

A "Complete Count Committee" is a core strategic element for the 2020 U.S. Census, that helps plan and implement locally-based outreach campaigns that raise awareness of the census and ultimately drive participation. 

Task Force members are experts in education, media, workforce development, business and faith-based/community organizations.

Longview’s Complete Count Committee is charged with developing and implementing a census awareness campaign that motivates EVERY household to respond to the 2020 Census in a timely manner.

Remember, 2020 Census Day is April 1, 2020.

Task Force Members
Rhonda AndersonJim Cogar
Laura Hill
Krista Morris
Dr. Valerie BaxterJolynn Crane
Robin Baker-Hill
Sedalia Nelson
Belinda BennettMarie Edwards
Rosheia Hodge
Matthew Prosser
Jeff BorgwardtJennifer Eldridge
Karen Holt
Amy Pruitt
Sophia BrewerCierra Evans
Jay Jackson
Chris Reid
LaDarian BrownJoycelyne Fadojutimi
Cheryl Jaskiewicz
Elizabeth Ross
Suzanne BrownDan Fiscus
Connie Johnson
Richard Wade
Agustin CamposDr. Charles Florio
Lamar Jones
Jackie Warren
LaRon Chadwick
Holly Hester
Chesley Knowles
Martha Weant

Census Facts

  • Required every 10 years by U.S. Constitution
  • Provides apportionment among states for U.S. House 
  • Redistricting of State and Local Legislative Districts
  • Distribution of more than $675 billion annually in federal funds (Texas receives $43,334,650,874.)
  • Designing facilities for disabled, elderly and children
  • Forecasting future transportation needs