Tai Chi

  1. Classes, times, and locations are subject to change and may include certain limitations in order to comply with current safety standards concerning COVID-19, Please call 903-237-1270 for the latest information.

Tai Chi is a great exercise for practitioners of all ages and abilities.  The forms taught in these classes were selected from the Yang style of Tai Ji Quan.  They emphasize the health benefits of Tai Chi with soft, smooth movements and balanced posture.  All over the world millions of people embrace the practice of Tai Chi.

These classes are taught at Panther Park Community Center, 2511 E George Richey.

2020 Class Dates

Intro to Tai Chi

Thursdays, 9 – 10 a.m.

July 2 – Aug. 6
Sept. 3 – Oct. 8

Class Fee: $60

Tai Chi I

Sept. 3 – Oct. 8

Class Fee: $60

Please register through the Parks and Recreation Department’s online registration portal.