Rodeo Arena

The open-air Rodeo Arena is perfect for rodeos, barrel racing, concerts, circuses and much more. Restroom facilities are available, along with a ticket booth and concession stand. The Rodeo Arena is a PRCA approved facility with a seating capacity of 5,060, a 90’ x 300’ open-air arena, announcer’s booth, bucking chutes, and holding pens. Stadium lights facilitate evening use of the facility and the power grid allows vendors to set up along the midway.

Rodeo Arena Layout

Class I - Regular Rates

Time  Rate  
Full Day$1000 / Daily or 10% of gross ticket sales

Class II - Tax Exempt Rates (33% off of the Class I rates)

*If a move-in / out, rehearsal time, or setup day is required, then a minimum fee of one-half of the daily rates specified above shall be charger for such use, if such use is limited to 8 hours of less.

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