Operational Policies

The following list represents a summary of City policies and requirements for events at: Maude Cobb Convention Center; Longview Exhibit Center; Rodeo Arena and Agricultural Pavilions. This list is only a summary and is not inclusive of all City policies and regulations. We strongly advise the Lessee to contact the Longview Convention Complex (LCC) staff four weeks prior to the event to review the details of the plans for the event. The LCC staff shall determine the classification of a particular event, as well as determining factors such as insurance, police security, catering / concessionaire and / or ambulance requirements.

Advertisements - Lessee shall not circulate advertisements, tickets or any other written material in or on the LCC grounds, including the parking lot area, without written permission from the LCC Manager.

Alcohol Policy - No alcohol may be served or consumed at City facilities unless stipulated in the Lessee’s contract. Anyone using the facility and receiving a fee of any kind must have a catering/liquor license from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in order to sell or serve alcoholic beverages on premises. The amount of alcohol consumed by any guest will be the responsibility of the lessee and not the responsibility of the LCC. BYOB events are not permitted. For all questions about TABC compliance call 903-939-0481. The Lessee will be responsible for any liability arising as a result of allowing alcohol consumption. (See Security and Insurance Requirements).

Ambulance/EMS - (See First Aid) .

Animals - No animals will be brought into the facility, other than as required by disabled persons or for an event designated as an animal show, circus, rodeo, etc. without written permission from the LCC Manager.

Automobiles - Automobiles will not be permitted inside the building unless written authorization has been given. In the event any automobile is used for display, all fire regulations pertaining to exhibits must be strictly adhered to and followed. Liquid or gas filled vehicle fuel tanks or fill openings must be closed and sealed to prevent tampering. Under carriage protection for old and late model automobiles must be used at all times. There must be less than five (5) gallons or 1/4 tank (whichever is less) of gasoline in each automobile. Every battery must be disconnected once inside the building.

Banners, Posters, Signs - These items are prohibited for distribution either inside or outside the facility. No signs, flyers or banners may be hung with adhesives or adhesive tape on inside or outside walls. There is a low track and a high track that banners may be hung from. The LCC staff can provide groups with track hangers. Outdoor signs and banners must be authorized by LCC Manager before installation. (See Outdoor Signage).

Building Disfiguration - No holes may be drilled, cored or punched in the building. Painting is prohibited anywhere on premises. In an instance where there is risk of damage to carpeting, a protective coating, such as plastic, must be used. Lessee is responsible for the repair or replacement of any damage or disfiguration to the facility.

Catering/Food - Lessee shall advise the LCC staff of caterer/concessionaire and setup time needed. All food brought into the LCC must first be approved by the LCC Manager. If a caterer is used, the Lessee and caterer will be required to enter into a catering agreement contract with the City of Longview, satisfying all Health Department provisions for permit, as well as liability insurance.

Cleaning - Lessee shall leave the facility in the same clean condition in which it took possession. All trash shall be removed immediately to the outside dumpster after the event is over. The time it takes to clean the leased area is part of the event time and if more time is needed an additional fee will be charged.

Confetti - Throwing rice, confetti, birdseed or rose petals is prohibited anywhere on the LCC premises.

Connecting to Any System - You must have written permission from the LCC Manager to connect to any of the facilities’ electrical or communication systems. Lessee will be responsible for having a licensed technician to make connection and disconnection. Accessibility to equipment rooms and utility boxes is prohibited without authorization from facility official. Use of splitters on plugs is prohibited. This will draw more power and cause the breaker to trip.

Contractor Requirements - It shall be the responsibility of the Lessee to submit to the LCC Manager, in writing and no later than 30 days prior to the first move-in day, a list of the service contractors the Lessee intends to use. All contractors must be properly licensed and permitted before they can enter the Complex facilities. A contractor’s certificate of liability insurance may be required to be on file in the LCC office.

Corridors, Lobby and Hallways - Corridors, lobby and hallways are common space and are not part of any leased area. They may be used only with written permission from the LCC Manager. Furniture and furnishings are permanent fixtures. They may not be moved and may be leased for individual events only with permission from LCC staff. It will be the responsibility of LCC staff to place the furniture, etc., in appropriate storage until after the event.

Damage Deposit (Refundable) - Lessee must furnish the City at least thirty (30) days prior to the event, a cashier’s check, credit card or bank draft in the amount specified in the contract as a damage deposit. This deposit will be refunded after the event should the facilities be returned in satisfactory condition and no additional charges accrue during the event.

Decorating - No decorations will be attached in or on the building or equipment without the approval of the Lessor. Decorations or signs may not be attached by nails tacks, staples, screws or pressure sensitive tape. Decorations or signs may be hung from the hanging track at LCC. All decorations must be of non-flammable materials. All equipment, decorations and personal items must be removed by the end of the contract period unless prior arrangements have been made with LCC Manager

Dumpster - Extra pickup after event may require an additional fee.

Electrical Equipment - All electrical equipment must be U.L. and City of Longview approved. Accessibility to equipment rooms and utility boxes is prohibited without authorization from a facility official.

Equipment - Lessee must be prudent when stacking items or equipment on tables, stages or chairs. Lessee must use good judgment in weight distribution. Tables, chairs, and stages are designed for minimum amount of weight and items or equipment should be distributed evenly over them to prevent overloading.

Exit Doors/Aisle Space - A 10’ clearance on both sides (egress and ingress) with no physical obstruction must be maintained at all times. All Exit doors must remain unlocked during all show hours. Aisle space must be 5’ minimum.

Event Accessibility - The LCC staff must have complete accessibility to all meeting areas, kitchen areas, corridors and hallways before, during and after all events. The LCC Manager must authorize in writing any exclusivity to an area.

Fees - Full payment is required at least thirty (30) days prior to event. MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit cards, bank draft, money order or cashier’s check will be accepted for payment.

First Aid - At the discretion of the LCC Manager, Lessee may be required to provide certified first aid personnel during the lease term for an event. In that case Notification of Ambulance Service (Attachment "D") must be submitted thirty (30) days before an event. Any accidents or incidents requiring first aid treatment must have a written report and a copy filed with the LCC staff before close of business day.

Flammable Liquids - Flammable liquids such as, but not limited to, gasoline, kerosene, bottled gas and oil are not permitted inside the facilities of the LCC.

Flammable and Volatile Materials - All such materials, including materials under high pressure, are prohibited unless approved in writing by the Longview Fire Department and the LCC Manager.

Floor Plans/Diagrams - A diagram/floor plan must be submitted and approved, allowing adequate aisle space required by the Longview Fire Marshall (5’ minimum), at least thirty (30) days prior to the first day of setup. Floor plans must be drawn as close to scale as possible with service contractor equipment, aisle widths, primary entrance, concession area(s), and meeting area(s) on show floor or activity rooms indicated.

All LCC equipment not secured by contract is available on a first-served basis contingent upon the date of receipt of the setup diagram. Failure to have the setup diagram/floor plan available as required absolves the Lessor of the responsibility to have adequate personnel scheduled for setup. Due to allocation of equipment and manpower, only minor changes can be made regarding the original diagram/floor plan once it is received by the Lessor. Requests for major changes in the setup may be subject to additional fees as outlined in the rental contract. Diagrams/floor plans are subject to review and approval of the Fire Marshal.

Freight - All pre-event freight must be signed for by the Lessee or designated person. Lessee or designated person is responsible for sending all post event freight out of the Convention Complex. Any freight left on premises after the specified lease time will be stored by the LCC staff and Lessee may be charged a storage fee of $100.00 per day. The City of Longview will not be held liable for any pre or post event freight.

Glass Containers - No glass beer bottles will be allowed inside the LCC facilities.

Hanging or Ceiling Rigging - Nothing may be hung, attached to or suspended from any part of the facility without the express written consent of the LCC Manager.

Insurance Requirements - Lessee must furnish the City, at least thirty (30) days prior to the event, a Certificate of Insurance proving that a public liability insurance policy is in effect in which the Lessee is named as insured. The City of Longview, LCC, must also be named as additional or co-insured party. The amounts and type of insurance are shown on Attachment "C" to the contract. Host liquor or liquor liability coverage must be included in the policy coverage if alcoholic beverages are going to be present at the event.

Lost/Damaged Articles - All items that are left after an event will be kept in the LCC office area for a period of thirty (30) days. The City of Longview will not be held responsible for these items in any way. The City of Longview is not responsible for vehicle damage or theft.

Marquee - Events scheduled for the LCC have sole use of the marquee. Information must be turned in thirty (30) days prior to an event. In the case of multiple events at the LCC, the marquee must be shared by the various events.

Music Franchise Fee - Lessee is responsible for paying any fees directly to ASCAP/BMI.

Outdoor Signage - Only community events are allowed to have banners and signs. A community event is defined as an event that is open to the public for the purpose of amusement, recreation, or education. These signs may be installed twenty-one (21) days prior to and must be removed ten (10) days after the event.

Signs must be located on private property with property owner’s consent. Signs are not allowed in the right-of-way, which is property between the back of the curb and the property line. Signs are also not allowed on the telephone poles. Any signs found in the right-of-way or on telephone poles are subject to immediate removal by the City of Longview.

The maximum fine for a violation is $2,000 for each violation. Each day a violation exist shall constitute a separate offense. A violation of the City of Longview Sign Ordinance may result in a criminal prosecution in the City of Longview Municipal Court.

Parking Lots - The LCC parking lots may not be used for commercial exhibits, displays, promotions, etc. without the express written consent of the LCC Manager. If permission is granted, the Lessee must not drill, bore and/or punch any type of hole in the surface of the parking lot. Lessee will also leave the parking lot area clean and all trash removed . Any damage to the landscaping in and around the parking lot will be replaced at the cost of the Lessee. Lessee may not charge for parking per City ordinance.

Permits/Permission - It is the ultimate responsibility of the Lessee to obtain the necessary permits/permission for their event. This includes, but is not limited to, health permits, pyrotechnics, music licensing, etc.

Recreational Vehicle Parking - RV parking will be permitted to only those persons associated with a LCC event. Recreation vehicles and tow vehicles must remain on parking lot surface at all times and adhere to LCC rules and regulations relating to RVs. All fees will be collected in advance by LCC staff.

Room Set Fee - Each room rental fee will include one room set per event. Each additional room set will cost one-half of the original room rental price. Minor adjustments to a set will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Security - The LCC Manager reserves the right to determine if police security is required during a scheduled activity. All security used in the LCC will be acquired through the Longview Police Department coordinated by the LCC staff. The LCC Manager, along with the Longview Police Department will determine the number of officers, and the hours and duties of officers. The Lessee is responsible for this expense at a rate as designated for security on the Equipment and Additional Charges page. Private security will be allowed only with prior approval by LCC Manager.

Smoking - The buildings that comprise the LCC are smoke-free facilities. Outside smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

Storage - Lessee may not store equipment of any kind in or on the grounds without written permission of the LCC Manager. (See Freight).

Tickets - Lessee is responsible for furnishing all tickets and for advance and performance date sale of tickets. Lessee shall not, under any circumstances, print more tickets for any one performance than there are seats available. Tickets at the event may be sold from the leased ticket office(s). LCC Manager may require, for commercial events, that tickets be numbered. If so, beginning and ending numbers must be reported prior to commencement of sales. Ticket stubs will then be presented to the LCC Manager prior to the release of the security (damage) deposit for verification. All tickets, including Class I and Class II events, may be subject to sales tax. Questions may be directed to the Texas State Comptroller at 1-800-252-5555.

Use Restrictions - City of Longview management may refuse, modify or terminate event bookings when it is their opinion that the event may cause undue or unusual damage to the facilities or that may violate local, state, or federal laws, rules, or regulations. Management may refuse event bookings when it is their opinion that requested event conflicts with a similar event previously scheduled on the premises. Management reserves the right to refuse, modify, or terminate any individual or group the privilege of using the facilities due to abuse of any facility policy, including but not limited to:

  1. Past violations of the facility rental contract and/or policies at this or similar facilities.
  2. Past disregard for persons or property while using the facility or similar facilities.
  3. Past conduct in violation of local, state, or federal law, rules, or regulations.
  4. Failure to make full payment for any and all charges connected with renter’s use of facility or similar facilities.

Note: The Longview Convention Complex shall have the final discretion over disputes regarding all rates, rules and regulations.