Outdoor Events

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order GA-28 has prohibited most outdoor events of more than 10 people, unless the event is an excepted special category or receives explicit permission from the Mayor. 

The City of Longview and Mayor Andy Mack will consider requests for outdoor events on a case-by-case basis. However, event organizers should know that the baseline assumption is that large gatherings during outdoor events are not currently allowed. 

To request permission from the Mayor for your outdoor event, please complete the COVID-19 Event Form in addition to any of the regular permits and reservations that may be necessary for your event.

Summary of Executive Order GA-28’s impact on events in Longview: 

  • City Facilities and parks are still available for use and rental; however, events are subject to limitations and restrictions in accordance to the governor’s guidelines. 
  • The prohibition of outdoor events over 10 people applies to all locations, whether on city or private property. If the event is outside the city limits, please contact the county judge’s office for approval request. 
  • EXCEPTION: There is no limitation on events that are essential services, religious services, local government operations, child-care services, youth camps, or recreational sports programs for youths and adults. Graduations may also operate. However, event organizers should still follow the applicable guidelines outlined at open.texas.gov
  • EXCEPTION: There is a 50% occupancy limit for professional and collegiate sports, pools, water parks, museums, libraries, zoos, aquariums, natural caverns, rodeos, equestrian events, and amusement parks. However, event organizers should still follow the applicable guidelines outlined at open.texas.gov.
  • EXCEPTION: Indoor events may operate at 50% capacity. However, event organizers should still follow the applicable guidelines outlined at open.texas.gov.
  • The executive order went into effect on July 2, 2020, and does not have a specified end date.
  • Please see full details and exceptions in Executive Order GA-28. Please also read all recommended guidelines for businesses and events at open.Texas.gov.

What COVID-19 related issues will be considered for events? 

Per the Governor Abbott’s direction, event requests will be considered based on several factors, including but not limited to: 

  • The overall number of projected attendees
  • The likelihood of individuals over the age of 65 attending
  • The density of the forum and the ability to ensure social distancing of 6 feet between individuals. 
  • The level of COVID-19 transmission in the county. 
  • The ability of the event organizers to follow all applicable health protocols during execution of the event. 

 Do I have to receive permission to host my event? 

If your event is less than 10 people, you do not have to request special permission from the Mayor. However, you may still be required to receive other permits listed below if it will impact the use of the street or right-of-way, includes food service, or involves other substantial changes to normal business operations. 

What permits do I need to host an event in Longview? 

In addition to the COVID-19 Event Form, event organizers will need to request permission and/or make reservations according to the type of event. 

Parade Permit: Parade Permit form through the Longview Police Department required for parades as well as 5K, Fun Runs, or other events that require street routed street closures. 

General Outdoor Event (concert, carnival, block party, etc): An Outdoor Event Permit, administered through Planning and Zoning within Development Services, is necessary for any outdoor event that goes beyond the property’s normal business operations based on factors such as crowd size, parking, vendors, large tents, street closures, and use of right-of-way. 

Parks and Pavilions Reservations: If you plan to host your event within a city park or at a city pavilion, you must reserve the facility directly through the Parks and Recreation Department.

Food Permit: If you are serving food to the public, except for a private-only event, you will also need a food service permit from Environmental Health. 

Longview Convention Complex: If you plan to host your event at the Longview Convention Complex, you must reserve the facility directly with complex staff.