New Recruits

Are you interested in a career in law enforcement? Are you highly motivated? Do you have a strong sense of morals and ethics? Do you wish to serve your community and help those in their time of need?

The Longview Police Department offers the opportunity for new recruits to begin serving our community by providing the training necessary to go from civilian life to fully certified police officers. The Longview Police Department hires new recruit candidates, places the recruit into a police academy as cadets, and then provides field training for new academy graduates.

Our goal is to equip and train officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve the Longview community with professionalism. The Longview Police Department pays for all costs associated with attending the academy, except for some minimal personal expenses. Additionally, cadets begin receiving salary upon the start of academy training.

“As a department, we aren’t necessarily looking for someone who has already received every degree or certification. Instead, we are hiring for highly-motivated individuals that demonstrate the qualities of accountability, teamwork, integrity, and professionalism. We can teach you the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job of a police officer.” - Chief Mike Bishop

The Longview Police Department provides new recruits:

  • Basic Peace Officer Course at police academy
  • 17-weeks of field training after academy
  • Uniforms and equipment
  • Entry-level officer salary beginning at start of police academy
  • City of Longview benefits (subject to completion of probationary period)