Warrant Amnesty Program

The Longview Municipal Court is once again offering its warrant amnesty program from Jan. 1, 2024, through April 30, 2024. Anyone with an active outstanding warrant through the court is encouraged to take this opportunity to save money and get a fresh start.  Anyone that comes to the clerk’s office to take care of their outstanding warrants will be given safe harbor. 

The warrant amnesty program began in January 2017 and has grown from a one-month to a four-month program. In 2023, approximately 239 people took advantage of the warrant amnesty program, resolving 381 warrants and saving thousands of dollars.

During the amnesty program, all warrant fees will be removed when someone voluntarily contacts the court to pay at least half the total amount due and start a payment plan for the remaining balance. An additional 20% will be removed from the fine amount for those who pay their balance in full. The discount only applies to the fine amount and does not include court costs.

The court also assists those individuals that may not be able to pay half of their balance, and will work out an agreeable action plan for anyone that is willing to make the effort to come in and clear up their warrants.   

Residents can take advantage of the program by visiting the court in person or by telephone. Contact the Municipal Court at 903-237-1186 or by email, or visit the court at 302 W. Cotton Street inside the Longview Police and Courts Building for more information.