Stamper Park C.P.R. Results

The Project

Councilwoman Nona Snoddy’s Stamper Park CPR was a 12-week cleanup project of the Stamper Park neighborhood which culminated in a volunteer work weekend on August 28 and 29. During this time, property owners were encouraged to participate with City departments and volunteers in the removal of junk and litter items; the removal of junked vehicles; mowing and weed-eating overgrown areas; and cutting and removing brush and scrap trees. 

Additional services offered that weekend included a COVID-19 Moderna vaccination clinic; a pet vaccination and microchipping clinic; smoke detector installation; and information and assessment regarding the City of Longview’s Lead-Safe Housing Program.  Volunteers also assisted with painting fire hydrants in the Stamper Park area. 

More than 100 volunteers and approximately 11 City divisions were involved in the clean-up. 

City divisions included the Public Works Drainage, Sanitation, Streets, Traffic and Beautification divisions; Code Compliance and Environmental Compliance; Longview Police Department; Longview Fire Department; Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center; the Longview Parks and Recreation Department; and the Longview Housing Authority.

Also participating: Family Nurse Practioner Daytral Brown with The Beverly Clinic; and the American Red Cross. Volunteers were coordinated through the Code Compliance division’s program Connect Longview. 

The Results

Beginning in June 2021, the City of Longview’s Code Compliance division began working the area and notifying property owners about substandard structures, junked vehicles, overgrown vegetation, junk and litter and other violations. Public Works’ divisions worked in and around the Stamper Park area mowing, clearing, cutting low limbs, clearing ROWs, removing litter and junk, replacing old street signs, cleaning out ditches, and clearing debris from curb lines. 

 The estimated waste removal included:

  • Over 250,000 lb of limbs and vegetation to the City’s Compost site.
  • Nearly 300,000 lbs of junk and household waste to the Pine Hill Landfill.
  • Pick up and disposal of approximately 90 tires 
  • Pick up of over 100 bags of litter

 Additional successes:

  • Code Compliance worked an additional 7 substandard and dangerous building cases (in the last 6 months)
  • 21 Street or Stop signs were replaced
  • 4 City barricades along Grace Creek were cleaned and had boards replaced
  • More than 83 vacant lots were mowed or brush hogged 
  • 10-12 Moderna vaccines were administered. Those receiving the vaccine were identified in an at-risk population for COVID-19.
  • 20 pets received vaccines and microchips. Spay/Neuter vouchers were distributed, as well. 
  • 20-25 fire hydrants were painted which will assist the Longview Fire Department in locating them during nighttime fires.
  • 11 smoke detectors were installed in resident’s homes in a collaboration between the American Red Cross and the Longview Fire Department 
  • One homeowner was identified as a candidate for the Longview Housing’s Lead-Safe abatement program; 2-3 other residents picked up information about the program.

Next Steps

While it was encouraging to see so many residents participate in the cleanup, there were those who chose not to take advantage of free bulky item pick up or volunteer assistance. Over the next 90 days, Code Compliance will be sweeping the area again, taking a heavier, regulatory approach, and ensuring that the work that was started is completed.  

Connect Longview will continue making assessments and referrals for homeowners with  property maintenance issues, and the Longview Housing Authority will continue to assess homes that qualify for the Lead-Safe program.

Development Services will be collecting and evaluating real property data for the area including information related to physical and economic conditions of the properties (# of parcels with back taxes/liens; rental vs owner occupied etc.) This information will assist in creating a strategic approach for future code enforcement activity; as well as providing the necessary information to evaluate the area’s redevelopment potential. 

Thank You

Councilwoman Snoddy wishes to thank everyone who was involved in the Stamper Park C.P.R. She couldn’t have done it without the support and assistance of each and every one of you! 

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