Wi-Fi Hotspots

A tmobile wi fi hotspot sits amongst smart devices like a laptop computer, tablets, and cell phone.

The Longview Public Library has Wi-Fi hotspots available for patrons to checkout!

A Wi-Fi hotspot uses wireless data from a cellular provider to give you internet access on-the-go for your phones, computers, tablets, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices!

Checking Out A Hotspot

• Must be checked out on an adult or child’s library card that is in good standing (no fines, fees, etc.).
• May be checked out for 1 week. No renewals.
• A limit of one hotspot can be checked out to a single address/family due to the limited number of devices.
Each device can connect up to 15 devices at one time.
• After returning the device, a hold can be placed and the borrower will be contacted once the item is ready to be checked out.

The WiFi hotspot is loaned as a kit and contains:
- A T-mobile network hotspot
- Charging cable
- Instructions
- Zipper case

Returning Hotspots

• The device must be returned INSIDE the library and given to a staff member.
Staff will inspect the device and kit for any damages or missing parts.
The device may NOT be turned in using the outside book drop.

Please return the device with enough charge to verify the device is working at the time of check-in.

Late, Lost, and Damaged Items

• Late fines are $2.00 per day, $20.00 maximum.
If the hotspot kit, including all contents, is overdue, the WiFi will be turned off.

• If a hotspot kit is lost, the borrower will be charged a $200 replacement fee (includes replacement fees for the hotspot, disconnection fee, charging cable, and case).

• Damaged/Lost case - $7.00

• Damaged/Lost charger cord - $5.00

• The Library is not responsible for any liability, damages, or expenses resulting from use or misuse of the device.
The borrower will be responsible for any damage, loss or theft of the device and any of its components.


The Longview Public Library is not responsible for any content viewed using the hotspot.
The Library is not responsible for data loss, breach of confidential information, or anything that may be the result of online malicious activity while using the device. Users are encouraged to follow safe internet usage practices.

Please refer to our full Hotspot Guides & Procedures Policy for any questions.

Various people using their devices around a wi fi hotspot. Download printable instructions here. Opens in new window

Using a Hotspot

1) To turn your hotspot on, press and hold the Power button until the screen turns on.

2) After the Welcome screen disappears, press the Power button twice to show the Wi-Fi connection name/network.
Press it again to see the password.

3) On your computer or device, go to the Wi-Fi application and select the hotspot's connection name in the list of available networks.
If given the option, choose to "Connect Automatically" or "Remember this Connection."
Then enter the password that was shown on the hotspot terminal.

4) If you have additional devices you want to connect, follow Step 3 for each device.

5) When you are finished using the hotspot, please power it off. Press and hold the Power button until the display shows "Goodbye."

Fix Common Issues

• Hotspots provide internet through cell phone towers, so service speeds may differ area to area.
To improve slow or spotty internet, move the hotspot closer to a window.
Please note that the hotspot devices cannot be used overseas and international areas.

• If you do not have a connection at all, the hotspot might be out of range. If you are pretty sure you should have a signal, or you had one previously in the same location, turn off the hotspot and the device and then turn them back on.

• If the hotspot turns off on its own, it may need charging. Plug it into the wall. We recommend always using the provided cord.

• If the hotspot turned off while it was already plugged in, it might be overheated. Unplug it and try to turn it on again.
If it does not work, let the hotspot cool down several minutes before trying to turn it on again.

• If your hotspot continues to not work/connect, contact library staff. We will need your location to check T-mobile coverage in your area.

Avoid Overheating

Hotspots are NOT designed to be powered on 24/7.
Leaving them on or plugged in all the time can cause overheating and possible permanent damage.

• If the battery is full, unplug it until it needs charging again.

• Turn off the hotspot when you are not using it.
If you need it a lot throughout the day, turn it off overnight.

You can use the hotspot outside for short periods but never leave it outside or in your car.

• A hotspot needs ample space for airflow on the top and sides so that heat can escape.
Do not place anything on top of it, or use it while smooshed inside a backpack, pocket, or purse.

Download printable instructions to have on hand!

If you have any questions regarding how your hotspots work, please contact us!

Call (903) 237-1350 during business hours.
You're also welcome to submit any feedback online, and we'll reply to you as promptly as possible!