Road Scanning

For 25 years, the City of Longview has partnered with Stantec to evaluate the condition of roadways throughout the city.

Each year, Stantec uses its state of the art technology to scan about 150 miles of Longview roadways.  The city manages about 450 miles of roadway; so, every road in Longview is scanned every three years.

Stantec's Road Tester 3000 data collection vehicle is a fully mobile solution, developed to collect pavement condition data accurately and efficiently using laser, GPS, and crack recognition technology. The RT3000 simultaneously collects pavement profile, rutting, surface distress, roadway geometrics, and pavement and right-of-way imagery at a network level.

This information is fundamental to understanding the current condition of Longview's road network. It can be used to establish long-range budget plans, maintenance and rehabilitation activities, and capital investment requirements. High-speed data collection surveys provide a safe, cost-effective, repeatable, and accurate solution to the challenge of measuring pavement surface conditions.

Q. What area of Longview was scanned in 2022?

A. This year will test central Longview encompassing the area south of Loop 281 and north of Marshall Avenue.

Q. How long has the City partnered with Stantec?

A. The City first partnered with Stantec in 1997 and has conducted road condition tests for the past 25 years.

Q. What can Stantec's equipment detect?

A. The Road Tester 3000 data collection vehicle can capture a wide variety of pavement surface distress including cracking, rutting, texture, potholes, shoving, raveling and roughness.

Q. How does the City use this information?

A. The scans help us understand the condition of any road and use deterioration models to predict where it will be over the coming years.  We use that information to budget for future roadwork including patching, chip seal, asphalt overlay, heater repaver, reclamation, and reconstruction.

Q. How long is Stantec's process?

A. The Road Tester 3000 data collection vehicle takes about a week to examine Longview roadways each year.