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Commercial Garbage and Recycling Collection Authorization

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  2. Business Information
  3. Service Information
  4. Basic Commercial Garbage and Recycling Service
  5. The basic service for Sanitation commercial is $30.36 per month, plus fuel fee and sales tax. Customers receive one (1) 95 gallon garbage cart and one (1) 95 gallon recycling cart. Garbage and recycling will be collected one (1) time per week. Additional carts can be leased for a fee. Carts remain the property of the City of Longview. To find your collection day visit or call the Sanitation Department at 903-237-1250.
  6. Additional Carts
  7. Additional garbage carts are available for $7.50 each, per month, plus tax. Additional recycling carts are available for $7.50 each, per month, plus tax. There is no Fuel Fee for extra carts.
  8. Statement of Agreement
  9. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: By submitting this authorization, the customer authorizes City of Longview employees and vehicles to enter the customer’s property at the address given above to collect garbage and recycling. The customer also understands and agrees that the City of Longview is not responsible for damage to private drives or roadways that results from the City’s collection operations. By submitting this application, I agree to the above statements and acknowledge that all information I have provided is true and correct. I have read and understand all of the above information.
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