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Board and Commission Application Form

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  2. Home address is required due to residency requirements for select City of Longview boards and commissions.

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    I am applying to serve on the following boards and committees. Please check all that apply.

  6. Longview Historic Preservation Commission Only

    In accordance with the Texas Historical Commission guidelines, the Longview Historic Preservation Commission has specific requirements for committee members. I am applying to serve the following place: (If not applying for Historic Preservation Commission, please skip to the next question)

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  8. Agreement: Please Read Carefully*

    I understand that there are requirements for making public any conflicts of interest I may have in service with this board. I understand that in compliance with Chapter 552, Vernon's Texas Codes Annotated, (Open Records Law), information provided on this application may be available to the public upon request and will be kept on file for at least two years. I understand that the board I am applying for has a 75% attendance requirement and I will be subject to being removed for excessive absences.

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